2 = cheap [cheaper -comp., cheapest -sup.], cost-effective [cost effective], economical, inexpensive, cost-efficient [cost efficient], dollar-saving, money-saving, thrifty [thriftier -comp., thriftiest -sup.], cut-price, cut-rate, affordable.
Ex. These indexes are both cheap and quick to produce.
Ex. OFFSEARCH is a means of running a search overnight on more than one data base, in a cost-effective mode.
Ex. Fixed length fields the are economical on storage space, and records using fixed length fields are quick and easy to code.
Ex. a microcomputer will need an inexpensive software package in order to suitable for external communication.
Ex. Good libraries are a cost-efficient integral part of an effective correctional programme in a detention centre.
Ex. The article 'Two dollar-saving search tips' explains how to eliminate duplicate citations when printing out search results.
Ex. It is ironic that reduced funding may threaten money-saving automation plans.
Ex. As such, the library serves a large blue collar population of thrifty, hardworking people with a predilection toward conservatism in lifestyle and thought.
Ex. Turkey is heavily promoted by tour operators as an idyllic holiday destination, the cut-price alternative to Greece or Cyprus.
Ex. Most of these cut-rate laptops include a one-year parts and labor warranty.
Ex. Information will become more affordable, accessible, and plentiful.
* alojamiento económico = budget accommodation.
* de forma económica = cost-effectively.
* de un modo económico = thriftily.
* de un modo poco económico = wastefully.
* hotel económico = budget hotel.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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